Our Program

Our school offers a balanced program with opportunity for your child to grow as an individual in all areas of development. The first steps away from home are made comfortable by caring adults who are trained to meet your child’s individual needs in a safe, healthful environment.

At Bethlehem Preschool, we promote cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy and self-control. We believe that children need to learn and practice these skills in order to be successful socially and academically. Great cognitive growth occurs through social interaction which make our social curriculum as important as our academic curriculum.

Tuition Rates


Tuesday, Thursday Half Day $290

Tuesday, Thursday with lunch $340

Tuesday, Thursday lunch and play $395

Monday, Wednesday, Friday Half Day $375

Monday, Wednesday, Friday with lunch $450

Monday, Wednesday, Friday lunch and play $530

Monday-Friday Half Day $595

Monday-Friday with lunch $720

Monday-Friday lunch and play $850

Available days